(Girls only) send me a pic of your feet to 281-840-9949?

Answer Why don't you take a seat right over there?

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Girls, BIG FEET. do you hate that....what advantages do you think you have with big feet?

If there is the same correlation that men have between feet size and genital size, a woman might have a serious problem.

Girls when you are at home what do you wear on your feet?

Why when you take a bath only your fingers,hands and feet get "pruney"?

Your new name!!!(Girls only) + BQ?

New Name: Arabela Winter DuPree BQ: No, I don't like Arabela or its spelling, I prefer Autumn & Summer, & I like DuPree but without the capital P. BQ2: Kerry Simone Luckett BQ3: Katerina Emmeline L... Read More »