Girls only-puberty question?

Answer Gross why didn't I listen to your warning. ah!

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Puberty question, girls help :)?

Hello,Here are the stages of puberty for a girl. I think this will help to answer a few of your questions.Stage IPuberty in girls begins at the age of 8 or 9, signs of which are experienced interna... Read More »

Girls only question! I need girls advice. ?

Hun, If you want to wear a bra, tell your mom. Explain to her that you NEED one. Like especially if you actually have boobs your nipples **awkward moment** will show through your shirt and its not... Read More »

GIRLS ONLY!If you're not comfortable with puberty, don't look at this...don't answer... what's wrong with me?

Sometimes periods are irregular. Everyone has different menstral cycles. Sometimes I don't even get mine [it skips a month], or sometimes it comes early/late. Mine usually lasts 5 days, while other... Read More »

Question for the girls only?

my friend did and lost like 15 lbs. in a month