Girls only plz!! i think i just had my first ever period. ?

Answer That's your first period! It was the same for me but it's fine and normal it will be like that for a little longer untill it gets to its normal color

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First period Girls only please?

Some girls don't get their periods until they are age 18. You have a long time.

I think i just got my first period?

Yes, it seems like you have gotten your period. You should defiantly go talk to your mom, she will give you pads, tampons, exc. Midol & advil will help with the cramps, head aches, & bloating.ღ H... Read More »

GIRLS: I just got my period and tomorrow's the first day of school?

Make sure your'e using pads that are for heavy periods and make sure they have wings. Dont forget to take them to school with you and change them every couple of hours

Is is abnormal to get your first period after age 13 (Girls Only)?

It is totally normal. Recently women have been starting their menstural cycle earlier in life, but it is normal to start it up to about 15.