Girls only please Thank you!?

Answer I doubt it's a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis since there is no strong odor or itching. You are more than likely right that since your period is on its way, your vagina is preparing. Combin... Read More »

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GIRLS only please im foreal ONLy girls !?

Girls help please! (girls only)?

oh wow.. that's badumm I'm not that close to my mum either so i can helpif u cant wake her up now and tell her, then tomorrow morning get her alone and just blurt it out. once it's out you feel fre... Read More »

Girls only please.....?

First of all I'm not going to tell you that position doesn't matter because most of the sites i have visited indicates different positions that can be USEFUL. Useful being the key word here. Here i... Read More »

GIRLS ONLY!!!!! please.?

Really you don't know anything about them. All my friends always say "They are SO hot and we'd be perfect for eachother." Well they could be hiding some dirty secrets you didn't know about. Like th... Read More »