Girls only, if a friend asked you?

Answer No problem a kick right to the nuts done it b4 and i'll do it again nothing to it.

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How to Cope With Your Friend Who Asked You Out?

So you've been friends with this guy/girl for a while, JUST FRIENDS and then they ask you out. You say no but suddenly, things become awkward. That's not how friendships are supposed to be.

How to Respond When Asked About Dating a Friend?

Friendship is a great bond. It's something that you can't live without. Now, when people say that a guy and a girl can't just be friends, well, in a lot of cases that is proven right but it's not a... Read More »

How to Stay Friends With a Guy Friend That Asked You Out?

So you're good friends with a guy. Maybe even best friends. Then he asks you out and you don't know what to do. But of course you want to stay friends with him. Don't despair! This article will hel... Read More »

Best sunscreen for black/ African American skin Any recommendations My friend's mother asked me for ideas.?

Its a misconception but African Americans actually BURN very eadsily regardless of how dark their skin is. Over exposure to anything will cause damage and you therefore need to protect if your goin... Read More »