Girl's only! boys wouldn't get it!?

Answer hey gurl .let me tell youalthough periods are a painthey are necessary for us womento egt rid of hat blood that shouldnt be in our bodythey are a good thing, believ it or not .now my periods are ev... Read More »

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How come in Doctor Who Captain Jack fancies both boys and girls but then in Torchwood he only fancies some boys?

GIRLS answer this only PLEASE!! no boys!?

I really think that you should just forget about him. If, he really wanted to get with you. Then, he would of found somebody that's knows you so y'all could hook up. He did not. He hooked back ... Read More »

Survey for boys only. girls welcome to look at answers?

Brunette, Blonde, Redhead, Black hair?: I like them all but admit I have a thing about ginger hair.Brown, Blue, Green eyes?: Doesn't make any difference to me - I like them all. :)What kind of sty... Read More »

Question for only boys! (girls feel free to star!)?

MediumBrunettefake if well done, else realfrench manicurelongdownsmall feetstylish clothing, with some level of classnatural, makeup OK for special occasions if not over donetall (5' 7'' - 5' 10")s... Read More »