Girls only... PLEASE!!! guys wont have an answer to this so theres no reason to look!?

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Guys and girls answer,?

Gross or not! Girls please answer...guys too!!?

To each their own.Personally, during the winter, I shave A LOT less. I don't wear shorts or tank tops so who is going to know?However, I do shave more during the summer months so that I'm not a fur... Read More »

Is it normal for guys Girls, please answer too?

It is totally normal! Were is there a law or rule boock that says that guys can't wear pink?!? You shouldn't care what other people think about your taste or style.. I mean it what your going to we... Read More »

Do you guys think girls with braces are ugly Do they make you look different Do they hurt Answer please.?

Girls with braces are not ugly, just because you have something extra on your teeth doesn't mean that you turn ugly. I have them right now and i think they suit me, they don't really look bad. I do... Read More »