Girls only! No period for 6 mounths?

Answer i know somebody who has experienced the same thing. it could be cuz ur really skinny or something or not healthy at the moment

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Never had sex missed period for 6 mounths now PLEASE URGENT HELP?

Ignore any suggestions that have sex as a solution. This will not fix any personal health problems that you have within your body and could introduce new ones if you had unprotected sex and contrac... Read More »

I'm grunded 4 6 mounths what should i do!?

know and understand what you did to get GROUNDED and deal with it.

What is the age when girls have their period?

a girls period can start as early as 8 to as late as 16. if it's any later then 16 then there is something wrong and the girl needs to be checked out. lol i'm in jeans and a blue shirt.

Period help, girls, please?

Try to figure out tampons, you dont feel them at all. You period will be wierd for a while since you are just starting out, but gradually it will get more normal.