Girls only!! I need Girl help?

Answer She doesn't need youGo to bed.

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Guys: Do you like girly-girls or tomboys and why Girls: Are you a girly girl or a tomboy and why?

I'm somewhere in between girly and tomboy.I hate girly girls actually.They make me sick with their stupid conversations about clothes and hair and make-up.It's like they have no idea what's going o... Read More »

Girls: I am a girl, but I don't get this?

I generally never wear any make-up and I am fine with that. I think that people look better when they are natural than with a make-up mask on.

What was a show that was on TV around 1995 about three girls where each wore a different colour Blue Pink and Purple The blue girl had a big blue bobcat and the purple girl had a horse?

Who will be the new bad girl on bad girls club?

Her name is ashley, shes really pretty kinda favors trina, the rapper