Girls only!!! How many pads do you think I have to bring?

Answer Just bring like 10-15 you should always bring extras just in case

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How to Bring About Good Changes in You (for Girls)?

Changes are good. They are a part of our life.They might help you and your friends to an improvement.To make these changes read on.

Why do girls get so catty when I bring up expensive makeup brands?

I know what you mean! TOTALLY! I think that girls are just jealous that you have better make up and look more gorgeous than they are. They just wish they had the money you have to buy make up like ... Read More »

GIRLS! What are good pads?

Always infinity>>>>>> they are fantastic and i never feel them! like you know how you get that feeling like ur wearing a diaper? not with these. they are AMAZING!

GIRLS ONLY!! What do you where during the night, when you have your period, tampons or pads?

i'm actually leaving to hawaii on sunday and lucky me, i got my period. shouldn't prevent you of having any fun. you can try tampons, if you wanna get in the water. or you can find altern... Read More »