Girls, ladies. I need an answer to this and just curious since?

Answer You are probably bigger than you realize. No, it's not the desire if every woman to be with a hung stud. I prefer a man who is a gentleman and occasionally insatiable and assertive. Some women, l... Read More »

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Girls, woman, would you rather have a small or big boobs Just curious what ladies around the world think! ?

I'm an A and I love it. I am actually probably more like a small B so I wish they were even smaller, to tell you the truth.It is just easier. They are never in the way, they look right on my fram... Read More »

Well girls... im a little excited and just need this BFP soon!!!?

OH WOW! hunny how exciting!!! awww bless him thats so sweet of him.Ah hunny I am sending some super super sticky baby dust your way! ******I really hope you get your BFP by the end of the year, you... Read More »

Girls you're gonna have a blast with this one! I need as many answer as possible. Please help out?

Make him wear makeup, a bra, thongs, and stiletto heels. And do plenty of oogling and groping in those places where females get it most. And be sure he washes floors, toilet, sink, cook dinner and ... Read More »

LADIES, please answer this simple question?

I get jealous of the girls that end up with the guys I like.