Girls, ladies. I need an answer to this and just curious since?

Answer You are probably bigger than you realize. No, it's not the desire if every woman to be with a hung stud. I prefer a man who is a gentleman and occasionally insatiable and assertive. Some women, l... Read More »

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Girls, woman, would you rather have a small or big boobs Just curious what ladies around the world think! ?

I'm an A and I love it. I am actually probably more like a small B so I wish they were even smaller, to tell you the truth.It is just easier. They are never in the way, they look right on my fram... Read More »

Curious on looks girls :P Rating outta ten please :D?

Yeah, yeah you're really pretty*, quite pixie/elf-like :)*Pretty = handsome to me, I just prefer the word so use it to describe the things I like :)

Im girls masterbate as much as guys or what?

Yeah we doEDIT- There might be an average of who masturbates more, but I've been through stages when I masturbated like 10 or more times a day. It depends on the individual person. I've got 17 year... Read More »

Question! (ladies answer only)?