Girls keep insulting me about my teeth?

Answer Hello Paul B,I'm sorry that you’ve met some really petty and spiteful women that make fun of your teeth (not all women are like that, I’m one for example). I'm sure you are a pleasant guy with ... Read More »

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Do boys teeth or girls teeth fall out faster?

The baby teeth of girls usually fall faster than those of the boys.

Do girls care for good teeth.?

What "girls" appreciate (I'm a grown woman but that doesn't mean I can't remember my dating years) is not gaps or the shape of a guy's teeth, it's good dental hygiene. Teeth that are taken care of,... Read More »

So you think some of the toys are insulting?

i agree, all the fake kitchen/laundry stuff to me just seems wrong... seems like we are trying to program girls into thinking house work is fun. now i'm not going to say no if one of my girls wants... Read More »

How to Pull Yourself Together After Insulting Someone?

Are you the type of nice person who doesn't like to hurt others? If you have insulted someone lately, and you can't pull yourself together, then read on!