Girls, i have a "girl" question?

Answer You don't have to wear tampons, you could always wear pads. Sometimes tampons just don't work for people, because they hurt or the area gets swollen. So pads are always a second option if tampons d... Read More »

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A girl legging question Girls only!?

No offense but your NOT gay?Well I can understand(if your not a troll) why it's so fun to dress in girl clothes.But I'm a girl but if I was a guy it'll be hard to wear boring guy clothes all the ti... Read More »

Girls! I have a question. . .?

could be very cute, maybe start exercising to lose some weight and build muscle and get a little better of a style think more college like. if u do that you would be very cute but your not bad now

Girls: Do you ever have a moment where you have no one to fan girl with?

i only have one other friend who is a Belieber and i get all my fan girling out when im with her. haha i hope you find someone :)

Confused Have a question for girls only.?

Was your period heavy enough to need a tampon/pad? Sometimes periods just change, so I'm sure it's nothing. If you are sexually active and concerned about pregnancy I would take a HPT. If your p... Read More »