Girls, how much do you shave.. down there?

Answer I shave every few days. I don't shave all the hair, I just like to keep it looking clean. I trim what I don't shave so its not long. I personally don't like to shave it all off because I feel like ... Read More »

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How often do girls shave their legs?

every other day, same as you wash your hair, it grows very fast

Why does girls shave their legs?

So they can have smooth sexy legs.If their legs are too hairy that's not attractive.

Is it ok for girls to shave their arms?

I'm no girl, but I've heard that it grows back thicker and darker. What many people do is bleach their arm hair. That's a better alternative. I'd ask your mom. She's got the same genes. She'll know... Read More »

Girls how often do you shave your legs?