Girls: how do you feel after intercourse?

Answer humans are not the only ones who have sex for pleasure! orgasm is like pulses and waves of happiness. I feel it in the tips of my fingers and toes - all over my body. it feels like it washes ove... Read More »

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Can your partner feel a difference in having intercourse if you are only a few weeks pregnant?

It wont change the vaginal canal so no they can not. They can not feel the uterus.

Is it possible to feel stomach flutters a couple of hours after intercourse?

What does intercourse feel like to a woman (not your typical vacant-minded question)?

Okay, I kept this one open for a while because I think it deserves a thoughtful answer. It's actually a good question.If you'll allow me, I'll say something on the nature of intercourse first.Cultu... Read More »

My new boyfriend of 4 months wants to use "toys" during intercourse. I don't know what to do, help me girls.?

Depends on what your thoughts are. If you don't want to, tell him you dont want to, or don't like the idea. If you do, start small with a small vibrator and don't let him use it anywhere you are no... Read More »