Girls help ! please answer and be honest ! thanks:)?

Answer No, tampons do not hurt. The vagina is a muscle. It will hurt at first, but not excruciatingly so. It'll be manageable. Just don't get a tampon that's too big. You need one that's smaller, obviousl... Read More »

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Girls help ! please answer thanks !?

Go swimming it will stop i promise!! when i was younger my mum wouldnt let me use tampons so i had to do without. when i was home alone i jumped in the pool while on my period and it just stopped. ... Read More »

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OMG! I absolutely love your hair. I am so jealous. Haha. But anyway, I like your hair both colors. I do think the blonde is a little better though.

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Sounds good:) I like the skinny jeans; it's basic but it sounds appealing I prefere a guy with a more basic style then one which is to dressed up! Good luck:)!!!! please email if you can help me answer a couple of math questions thanks?