Girls help ! please answer and be honest ! thanks:)?

Answer No, tampons do not hurt. The vagina is a muscle. It will hurt at first, but not excruciatingly so. It'll be manageable. Just don't get a tampon that's too big. You need one that's smaller, obviousl... Read More »

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HONEST ANSWER!! Please :)?

The taller you are, the more weight you have to have. And muscle weighs more than fat. You're fine honey don't worry about it. You would look sickly if you were 5'10 and like 125 lbs.

Why do people ask a question but not want to hear an honest answer?

People want to get answers from people who only agree with them. Else you get a thumbs down and certainly not a Best Answer. My question is, then.....why bother asking?

All these 'am i pretty questions' do you give an honest answer to what you think!!?

yes. sometimes, i can come off rude but they asked for it.

Did California lose MISS USA 2009 with her honest answer?

The girl gave her honest answer and that is more honorable than lying to win a crown. I give her kudos for being honest. I don't know if I necessarily agree with her statement. I too was raised to ... Read More »