Girls, from 1-10 how much do you hate your period?

Answer a solid 9.♥

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How got a headache from thinking about how much you hate your sister how can you get rid of it?

Oh! You Have Come To The Right Place!When I Got Headche From Thinking About How Much I Hate My BrotherIt Was Terrible But These Are The Steps That Helped Me Very Much!1: Go To Your Bedroom Or A Qui... Read More »

Why do girls hate miley cyrus so much?

Because most of them are jealouse, and because so many children talk about her and adore her, and because all this photo stuff of her posinng topless etc, and they are mostly jsut sick of evreyone ... Read More »

Guys- why do u hate it so much when girls put on makeup?

Because its true. Make up makes a girl look likes she's desperate for attention. Sometimes if it's too much make up, she'd look trashy. Guy's like girls who look their best but do so in moderation.... Read More »

Don't you just hate girls who wear too much bronzer?

thats bronzer? i thought their parents were carrots