Girls, don't you feel uncomfortable in short shorts or a bikini?

Answer I never wear shorts or bikini. only when i go on holiday, as i find that too many people look at you. or it might just be me but i feel like everyone is looking at me if i wear shorts and things. (... Read More »

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What if your boyfriend and you were dry-humping with his boxers on and your shorts and underwear on and a clear liquid is on the girls shorts is there a chance of pregnancy?

No there is not, Semen can not pass through clothing, though the liquid that holds them can. As long as there is one article of clothing in between the semen and the vagina there will be no pregnancy.

Why Do I Feel So Uncomfortable When I Try To Sleep?

I'm actually answering this at 5am in the morning but my insomnia sounds different to your experience so I don't think it's a massive problem. If your on your phone or tv late then your asking a lo... Read More »

I feel sick and uncomfortable?

change drs,get a second did pick up a bug from your brother,try inhaling steam,it will clear out your head.get into a hot shower and inhale the steam,it should open up your nostrils.rub... Read More »

What movie always makes you feel uncomfortable?

Movies that make me uncomfortable are movies like Get Him To The Greek and American Pie, or just anything with a sex scene with your parents, especially your Dad, sooo awkward and uncomfortable.The... Read More »