Girls, do you notice how healthy, refreshed and relaxed you feel after a big O?

Answer Yeah but I usually feel the need to eat after lol

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How to Feel Refreshed?

Being refreshed helps improve your outlook on life, and will make others happy to be around you, helping your social life as well as your personal well-being.

My baby had a condition of fallot's tetralogy I am 37 years old and he was my only boy after 3 healthy girls what are my odds of having a healthy baby or not?

Neglect as a word implies is a lack of attention; slavery implies a type of abuse. A farmer friend of mine said they had kids because its semi-free slave labor. It is highly dependent on what is go... Read More »

How to Get to Sleep and Feel Refreshed in the Morning?

Catch some Z's in this!When you come home from a long day at work you may find yourself exhausted and pining for your bed. However, chances are, one you get there you won't be able to sleep, be it ... Read More »

How can I get the sleep I need and feel refreshed in the morning?

get on a regular exercise routine. join a gym and first work with a trainer. eat the right foods for your life and stay away from chemicals. even sodas can mess you up. and drink enough good water ... Read More »