Girls do u have long hair?

Answer I have long hair and I'd never cut it short. Short hair is for guys and girls who fancy girls. Girls should defiantly have long hair. I went out in Chester one night with 2 mates one a guy one a gi... Read More »

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Do girls prefer men to have long hair, short hair or no hair?

I don't really care, but since you're asking I kind of always like thinks inbetween. So I would say inbetween short and long hair. ^_^

Do girls prefer long hair or short hair on guys?

It all depends on the guy. Some guys look hot with short hair and others not so hot. And some guys look hot with long hair and others not so hot. lol

Do girls like long hair or short hair on guys?

It depends on the guy...Some guys look good with short hair but look HORRIBLE with long...Some guys can't pull off the shaved head look while this one guy I knew just looked ODD with ANY hair...Men... Read More »

Are girls with long hair more attractive or those with short hair?