Girls: are girls supposed to sleep with their bra on?

Answer There was a study some years ago (only involved a couple of thousand women though) that tried to link wearing a bra for long periods of time with an increased risk of breast cancer. If there had b... Read More »

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Are Girls Supposed To Shave Down There?

You can if you want. But if you weren't supposed to have hair down there, then you wouldn't grow hair down there. So there is nothing wrong with it being there.

How much are 12-year-old girls supposed to weigh?

12-year-old girls are not meant be any specific weight. Weight is related to height and body composition rather than age. but most of them are 95-100lb.

Are girls SUPPOSED to moan during vaginal penetration help!?

They probably expect you to moan because of all the hype and expectation they've made for themselves by watching porn. No your not 'supposed to moan' If you do it should happen naturally when you o... Read More »

How to Look Good for Sleep (For Girls)?

Do you hate going to bed feeling so plain? Well these top tips will make you look like a beauty bed queen!