Girls answer only please.. R.E: Body Issues...?

Answer just learn to love your body, and wait. what else can you do? You're 14 and worrying about cleavage? That's sad. And honestly, I was a small b-cup until I was sixteen. Then over that summer I ballo... Read More »

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Girls only please if u answer mine I will answer yours !!?

I take it that your young and your parents didn't explain "the gift" too you!Yes in some cases some females show signs in diff ways... Some end up cramping badly a couple days before they start (me... Read More »

Boob Issues (GIRLS ONLY)?

Your only 13 and haven't even started your period yet. So don't worry they will grow. Some girls just hit puberty early then others. Your time will come and they will grow and who knows you might g... Read More »

What vitamin missing from your body cause anger issues?

How to Address Body Odor or Perfume Issues?

Dealing with a friend, date or coworker who has an issue with extreme body odor or a penchant for wearing too much bad perfume puts you in a sensitive situation -- and, if it's addressed the wrong ... Read More »