Girls: What outfit you like the best?

Answer hmm..the first one says "hey! im friendly but i dont talk much"the second one says "i pot the rock in rock and roll babeh!"

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Which dressy outfit do you like best (on polyvore!)?

The second outfit is so cute! I LOVE the dress. On the third one, the silver shoes look the best :D

Do you like this outfit link works now! easy best answer!?

Which outfit do you like best/which girl looks prettiest?

Middle girl is pretty.Left girl's outfit is pretty

What is the best color eyeshadow to compliment this outfit 5 stars to best answer!!?

Well your outfit is full of neutrals, so any pops of color would work! I think it would look nice to have your hair band pink and your eyeshadow pink with some light brown to soften it. It would gi... Read More »