Girls Was I wrong for what I did?

Answer NO YOU WERE NOT WRONG. I don't udnerstand how or why some girls believe that a guy cannot hit a girl but that girls have free range to do whatever they want. That is BULLSHIT. You did absolutely no... Read More »

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Is there something wrong with me.. Please help! (GIRLS)?

Its called discharge, every girl gets it. Once you get discharge about 6-18 months you should get your period. To help with your underwear make sure you change them everyday, and buy some panty lin... Read More »

Whats Wrong! Girls that know what there talking about help!?

1.=You're probs dizzy cos of number 4's symptom2.=Well whatever this is it ain't linked to ya other's too much of a random body part in my op!3.=Lower right abdominal pain...hmmm OK we... Read More »

Whats wrong with girls with a bit of meat on them x?

I agree with you .....110% I do not find "boy hips" at all attractive, women with curves looks so much better! Some women are naturally thin , others are natural with a "little more meat." As lo... Read More »

Do girls think it's wrong for guys to cook?

NO, i love it when guys cook, it shows that u dont just use ur gf or wife.