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Answer im sorry to hear that you have no girls to run to, but hey dont be embarrassed, just talk to someone about it that you trust and can help you. . its normal part of i dont recommend you to u... Read More »

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Girls only question! I need girls advice. ?

Hun, If you want to wear a bra, tell your mom. Explain to her that you NEED one. Like especially if you actually have boobs your nipples **awkward moment** will show through your shirt and its not... Read More »

Question for girls..?

Your self confidence should be low. Now you want your body shape and face to be up in the 7-9's.Thats what men like

A question for girls?

as long as you already started ur period, i dont think anyone is too young for tampons. Especially when you play a lot of sports and swim

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my friend did and lost like 15 lbs. in a month