Girls' Punk Pigtail Hairstyles?

Answer Punk hairstyles are vibrant, colorful and sometimes shocking. The most recognizable style, the mohawk, is shaved on the sides and sometimes held in place with a mixture of white glue and water. P... Read More »

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Punk Pigtail Hairstyles?

Punk hairstyles, though not necessarily common, express a liberal or exciting lifestyle. For this reason, punk hairstyles are the antithesis of conservative work hair; although many jobs no longer ... Read More »

Punk & Emo Hairstyles for Girls?

Punk hairstyles are trendy, edgy and sharp. Punk is about being different, taking things to the extreme and pushing the envelope of what's acceptable. Very large Mohawks are a traditional punk look... Read More »

Punk Hairstyles for Little Girls?

Making its appearance in the 1980s, and then gaining popularity within the music scene by stars like Cyndi Lauper, the punk hairstyle is once again popular in 2010. Today's punk hairstyles put a mo... Read More »

'80s Punk Hairstyles for Girls?

Hair was big in the 1980s. Punk girls styled their hair to make a big, bold fashion and cultural statement. They were against the natural order, mainstream and status quo and they wanted the world ... Read More »