GiRLS only!!?

Answer It is very normal for it to hurt at first. Things that help are to angle it at different degrees. Instead of trying to insert it too vertically, I strongly suggest slightly angling it towards the b... Read More »

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GIRLS only please im foreal ONLy girls !?

Girls only!!!!!! what are most girls weighing between 12 and 16?

Girls only question! I need girls advice. ?

Hun, If you want to wear a bra, tell your mom. Explain to her that you NEED one. Like especially if you actually have boobs your nipples **awkward moment** will show through your shirt and its not... Read More »

Girls help please! (girls only)?

oh wow.. that's badumm I'm not that close to my mum either so i can helpif u cant wake her up now and tell her, then tomorrow morning get her alone and just blurt it out. once it's out you feel fre... Read More »