Girls' Hairstyles in the 1930s?

Answer The United States was in the midst of the Depression, and it looked to Hollywood for relief. It is no wonder that the hairstyles of the day were influenced by the lovely ladies of the silver screen... Read More »

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1930s Hairstyles for Men?

Men's hairstyles of the 1930s reflected societal ideals and cultural trends of the era. Grooming was an important part of maintaining the gentlemanly facade so prized during the depression era. Men... Read More »

Women's Hairstyles in the 1930s?

Women took a stance of independence in the 1920s that had a permanent effect on fashion and hairstyles. The beginning of the 1930s followed a time when many women had bobbed their hair short. While... Read More »

1930s Updo Hairstyles?

Recreate the simple elegance of the '30s by bringing back the glamorous coiffures that were highly popular during the decade. Following the Great Depression, women became more fashion-forward with ... Read More »

1930s Male Hairstyles?

In the 1930s, men kept their hair cut short in the back, short on the sides near the ears and longer on top. It was consider disgraceful for hair to touch collars in the back, so it's was common f... Read More »