Girls: Do you poop at school or hold it in?

Answer never hold it in, instead you should poop in your hand and throw it a peoples faces. they love it and you will have friends for life

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How do I hold my poop in?

If you sit on your legs it will stop the poop from coming out. Sitting on something cushiony will calm down the pressure. But if you hold your poop in, you could become constipated. I was once cons... Read More »

How to not hold in my poop?…

How to Hold in Your Poop in Embarassing Situations?

Sometimes it's necessary to hold in your poop when you're in public situations. Say, at summer camp or staying at someone's house or when you're around large groups of friends. Or when you all have... Read More »

On average how much do you poop a week guys n girls?

I am a 40 year old woman and poop once a day on average.