Girls: Do you like having boobs?

Answer I get really annpyed with mine because they jiggle when i dance which i do everyday. Ive done something funny once. My fav song came on my ipod and I was purposelyjiggling them to the beat but the... Read More »

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Why is it that all guys like girls that have big boobs i mean i am a 40 d?

Since you are posting your question under the Computer & Internet>Programming & Design category, let me try to answer your question from a computer programming point of view. I would guess that th... Read More »

Why do guys always look at girls boobs?

Because they're guys. If it bugs you, just say, "Hey! My eyes are up here!"

Girls-Why can't guys look at your boobs?

just because a girl wears a low shirt doesn't mean necessarily that she wants guys to look at her boobs. a decent guy would just glance quick and look away. Some girls just wanna look up to date wi... Read More »

What does a 12 year old girls boobs look like?

The same-they are just smaller provided the girl in question has started to develop.