Girls C U M, Do you like it or grossed out?

Answer First regarding your PS : I dont like tasting a condom even flavoured ones. They still have the latex smell somehow. During my initial times, i felt it gross. My boyfriend would be pushing it in my... Read More »

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Why do people like to smell their own fart but get grossed out when smelling other people fart?

First off, who wipes their boogers on the covers>? That's really kinda gross. Anywho, it's true that most people don't mind the smell of their own farts or poos. But I'm not completely sure as t... Read More »

Are there any Tumblr blogs that are for fashion for all shapes and sizes Like big girls skinny girls ext?

go to tumblrplug, click on the models category, and see if you can find any on there :)

Why am I grossed out by makeup?

Its your decision on whether to wear it or not. Personally I wear it for fun , i dont wear it to change my face or try to make myself look flawless or to fix any flaws. I just find it fun. Its kind... Read More »

Do guys you know get grossed out?

Cubbie does get a thumbs up....but as for you're actual question: It doesn't gross me out, but it's not my favorite thing to talk about whilst reference the "lady parts". Does your BF talk about ... Read More »