Girls C U M, Do you like it or grossed out?

Answer First regarding your PS : I dont like tasting a condom even flavoured ones. They still have the latex smell somehow. During my initial times, i felt it gross. My boyfriend would be pushing it in my... Read More »

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Do guys you know get grossed out?

Cubbie does get a thumbs up....but as for you're actual question: It doesn't gross me out, but it's not my favorite thing to talk about whilst reference the "lady parts". Does your BF talk about ... Read More »

Why am I grossed out by makeup?

Its your decision on whether to wear it or not. Personally I wear it for fun , i dont wear it to change my face or try to make myself look flawless or to fix any flaws. I just find it fun. Its kind... Read More »

Does anyone else get grossed out watching people eat?

I find it amusingsome people can remind me downright to a wood pecker, pecking its food and a cow just mulching its grass.Just shows how animal we are

Is it normal for a 16 year old virgin girl to think about sex a lot but sort of get grossed out by it too?

yeah it's perfectly normal a lot of people have moments in life where there mind thinks of sex evn if they don't want to it's part of being a teenager trust me i know I'm a 15 yr. old virgin boy wi... Read More »