Girls - which style looks hot ?

Answer I honestly like the third, the guy looks natural. In the first one the guy looks like he is trying too hard, and his pants look a little bit fruity! If you know what I mean. The fourth might look g... Read More »

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For Girls: What is your style?

How to Style Asian Girls' Hair?

The hair of a young Asian girl can be difficult to style since it's very fine and silky; other than simply brushing it and wearing it down, you may feel like there's not much else to do with it. Ho... Read More »

Rockish Style Haircuts for Girls?

Rockish style haircuts for girls are often associated with the punk/goth fashion that became popular in the '80s and has recently seen a resurgence. These generally unkempt, often short hairstyles ... Read More »

How to Style Thick Hair for Girls?

Thick hair is the envy of any girl because the styling possibilities are endless. Girls can pull hair into a ponytail, create a faux-hawk or wrap the hair into chignon depending on their mood and p... Read More »