Girl sends a text to 4 guys like thing on facebook?

Answer Its actually made to be like that... Because they think that people will click/like it in order to see the full saying.. There fore getting an increased number of followers or what ever you want to... Read More »

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GUYS: what is the sexiest thing a girl can wear?

a nice simple, yet classy outfit. maybe some nice form fitting jeans (not too tight, that's nasty), and a nice top that shows just a hint of cleavage (too much looks trashy, and makes you look easy... Read More »

Guys, whats your favorite thing a girl would wear?

A cardigan or a nice woolly jumper. : - )

Do guys actually like ditzy girls like that girl on victorious With the red hair ariana grande?

Some guys do, but most guys find that extremely annoying. Guys like smart girls. So, don't be something your not because guys hate that.

Do girl like guys who dress like this?

For me personally it is not a look I would like. However, asking if girls in general like that sort of thing you're ruining your own answer. All girls are different and like different things. Howev... Read More »