Girl problems please help:]?

Answer It's pretty normal to have random hair on your nipple. I don't have any but I get this one random hair on my jaw bone..The discharge coming out of your private area is normal as well. My mother use... Read More »

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Do you have boy/girl problems?

Girl Problems!!!!!!! (Female Answers ONLY!!!)?

Alot of times after a first period a girl will go several months without having another one. Its pretty common. Talk to your doctor if you are concerned.

Can a small girl drive a motorcycle without problems?

A chopper rides low to the ground. So they are great for short people. The trick to holding up a bike is to not let it start to tip. Standing straight up, it's almost weightless.

When O positive man marries an A Negative girl will their child have health problems?

Mixing blood types will not any impact on the health of a child, only the resultant inherited blood type. This particular mix will produce a child with an A pos or A neg or O pos or O neg blood group.