Girl problem!!! Girls only?

Answer Hello,Here are the facts that may help any questions you have now or in the future.Baby girls are born with ovaries, fallopian tubes, and a uterus. The two ovaries are oval-shaped and sit on either... Read More »

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Uhm Girl Trouble GIRLS ONLY!!?

You are totally fine! Girls get their periods anywhere between 11-18! Before your period comes you may feel moody and bloated and have some pain in your lower abdomen.. these are cramps which means... Read More »

Girls only!! I need Girl help?

A girl legging question Girls only!?

No offense but your NOT gay?Well I can understand(if your not a troll) why it's so fun to dress in girl clothes.But I'm a girl but if I was a guy it'll be hard to wear boring guy clothes all the ti... Read More »

Messaging a girl on Facebook first time Girls only?

Then just message her. Whip. The worst that could happen is you end back to where you're at now. Not talking to her. Have respect and use tact.