Girl Masturbation Techniques and Tips?

Answer Okay number one is easy, just fold a pillow in half and stick it between your legs. It works better if you are unclothed, but if you are not it still works. Then slowly start humping. Cross your le... Read More »

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Girl masturbation techniques for at home?

On the Q-tip First of all you may want a friend for some help, but all you do is get a Q-tip and put some Vaseline or lube on it, then you sit with your legs spread. Pull the hood of your clit bac... Read More »

Do you have any tips for female masturbation?

Go to the bathroom. Slowly undress yourself in front of the mirror while caressing your body as you do so. I'd suggest bringing ice-cubes with you as it adds to the experience. Once your top is off... Read More »

Masturbation I'm a girl?

Vibrating And Ready For Action: An Electric Toothbrush, is always great to have in a bathroom or around the house. It's like having a vibrator that won't get you into trouble.Running Water: The tub... Read More »

Chances of pregnancy if did mutual masturbation guy naked girl wearing panty with pantyliner but her period is late and breast is sore pms or pregnant?