Giraffe Facts for Kids?

Answer From their incredibly long necks to their spotted coats, giraffes are an amazing part of nature. They are known mostly for being the tallest animal in the world. While their height certainly is the... Read More »

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Fast Giraffe Facts?

Giraffes are the tallest members of the animal kingdom with adults ranging from 13 to 18 feet tall. They can be found in patches throughout Africa in open terrains such as savannas and in woodlands... Read More »

Giraffe Mating Facts?

Giraffes are fascinating creatures, mostly because of their tall stature and unique coloring. Female giraffes live in herds with their young, while male giraffes are solitary. Males wander from her... Read More »

Facts on Quails for Kids?

The quail is an animal native to North America. Once plentiful, the animal has been hunted and is now low in numbers in its native woodland areas. Since the animal is a ground dweller and easy to c... Read More »

Aphrodite Facts for Kids?

Children are fascinated by the glamor and mythology of ancient Greek culture. A study unit on Greek gods is sure to delight both boys and girls who revel in the many stories in which the gods are f... Read More »