Gigabyte motherboard sata raid URGENT!!!?

Answer raid means: redundant array of inexpensive disks. you wont need those drivers UNLESS you want to buy another identical drive in the future and raid them together. so no, for a one HDD set up you sh... Read More »

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How do I install a SATA-RAID driver?

Find the Driver CDLocate the driver CD that came with your SATA RAID, and insert it into your computer's CD drive. The disc contains the drivers required for proper function. The "Found New Hardwar... Read More »

Can I add an IDE drive to a SATA RAID system?

On One Hand: Some Motherboards Can't Handle ItSATA drives are a newer kind of hard drive than older IDE or PATA drives. Because of the difference between the two drive types, some computers are not... Read More »

Can a SATA controller card be used without no RAID setup?

You do not need to use multiple hard drives in a RAID array when setting up a SATA controller card. An SATA controller card can be used with a single hard drive or multiple hard drives, if the cont... Read More »

How to Find Drivers for a GIGABYTE GA-KNSC-939 Motherboard?

GIGABYTE's GA-KNSC-939 is a motherboard for an AMD processor using the socket 939. Depending on the market, the motherboard is called either KNSC-939 or K8NSC-939. The GIGABYTE website has the late... Read More »