Gifts for Parents From Teachers?

Answer Though it may be more common for parents and children to give gifts to their teachers, there are occasions when teachers want to recognize or thank parents. At the end of a school year, teachers ma... Read More »

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Student Gifts From Teachers?

Teachers can give out gifts during the year very inexpensively. Christmas and the end of the year are perfect for passing out little gifts. Because teachers often have several dozen students to pur... Read More »

Christmas Gifts for Preschool Teachers From Students?

It is customary for a student to give his teacher a gift during the Christmas season. Talk to your preschooler about this tradition and brainstorm with him for some ideas. Think of thoughtful, crea... Read More »

Ideas for End-of-School Gifts for Pre-K Teachers From Students?

End-of-school gifts for pre-K teachers should be memorable and show the students' appreciation. Teachers enjoy gifts that are meaningful and fun. Stay away from perfumes, as not everyone enjoys the... Read More »

Christmas Gifts for Parents From Preschoolers?

Christmas is a festival of celebrations and gift giving. Gift-giving during Christmas traces back to ancient Roman festivals. This tradition eventually evolved as the Biblical story of the three wi... Read More »