Giant Bubble Directions?

Answer Whether at a backyard barbecue or a crowded city park, floating, effervescent bubbles charms children and adults alike. Although you can play with bubbles of any size, nothing quite matches the sa... Read More »

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How to Surround Someone in a Giant Bubble?

Do you have an old pool the you don't use anymore? This article will tell you how to perform a magic trick to amaze your friends and family.

How to Make a Giant Bubble for a Science Fair Project?

Bubbles are not only fun, they are a great example of science. Build a giant child-encapsulating bubble machine for your next science fair. This allows you to demonstrate water surface tension and ... Read More »

Smithsonian Erupting Giant Volcano Kit Directions?

The Smithsonian Institution's kit for building a giant volcano provides a sometimes messy but fun introduction to volcanoes. The kit uses baking soda and vinegar to simulate the eruption of molten ... Read More »

Although he looks like a giant canary what Sesame Street character insists that he's a giant condor?