Ghost in my computer!?

Answer All the people that wrote in about your question are laughable answers.But i know what you are going throw.I have a Windows XP computer and it was doing same thing.So i contact the tech support for... Read More »

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How to Get Rid of a Sims Ghost on a Computer?

By now, most people know that the easiest way to create a ghost in "The Sims" is to send a Sim into the swimming pool and remove the ladder. Generally, that particular ghost will "swim" through the... Read More »

If you kill a ghost will it come back a ghost of a ghost?

A ghost can't be killed, but I love those questions, I'm sure it just came to you, suddenly

Can Norton Ghost 14 restore a backup to a different computer?

Norton Ghost 14 can restore a backup created on one computer to a different computer. One of the most common uses for Norton Ghost is to create a single "image" from a pre-configured computer, then... Read More »

Song from tv show mediumWho was singing in the episode where the waiter in a nightclub was being haunted by his fathers ghost and his past band members ghost?

I don't think she actually has a named character in the episode, but I believe that the actress is Janette Devries (spelt as de Vires in the credits). She played the blonde, female serpent guard.Th... Read More »