Ghanaians adamfo help !Where can I buy yam in Tunisia ?

Answer hello Joanna!I'm not Ghanaian, but a country next! eating the manioc flour (gary), semolina, and fufu!I just wanted to say hello to a Swiss woman ghanaian from Tunisia@ Joanna - hoo look forward t... Read More »

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Did the CIA have anything to do what is going on in Tunisia?

Shortly, yes. One can suppose that the CIA (read US government) wants most life-long Arab leaders ousted - as soon will happen. Five years ago a US Ambassador to Tunisia suggested the following rep... Read More »

What insurance do you need for Tunisia?

Do I need a visa for Tunisia?

According to the U.S. Department of State, citizens of the United States holding U.S. passports do not need a visa to visit Tunisia for stays up to four months. You must obtain a residence permit f... Read More »

Does anyone know why Tunisia blocked YouTube?