Gf won't abort! tell me how to make her listen!?

Answer It's her choice, you should have used protection. I hope your a better father, than you are a bf or responsible lover.

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Why wont people listen...?

I believe you - I have a carbon mono detector in our house. I hope it never goes off - just like the smoke detector - but just in case - I'm trying to be prepared. Good question - perhaps someone ... Read More »

Toddler wont listen in daycare?

Others are correct in that you need more information. What EXACTLY do they mean by "won't listen"? You need to know precisely what situations this is occurring in, what the teachers are doing in th... Read More »

Pains in my knees but my mom wont listen?

Confront her. Say "My knees really hurt Mom, and I think there may be something wrong. This could be something serious." Then, if she disagrees still, say "I don't understand why you are neglecting... Read More »

Can the parents of a teenage pregnant daughter make the mother give up her baby or make her abort or do the young mothers have their own voice for their babies?

Answer They cannot make you do anything. You have all the say and you can choose to keep or give the baby up for adoption. Since you are still very young, you should consider giving the baby away t... Read More »