Getting wifi on my printer?

Answer Go to Hp Printer Support page and look up your printer and download the newest drivers, programs and the newest manual. Then uninstall all drivers and programs for your printer. Then read the manua... Read More »

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"How do I connect my WIFI computer to my WIFI Printer without a disk drive"?

go on to the epson website and download the driver from there or copy the disk on to a USB stick on another computer.

I have a canon pixma mx432 printer. The printer itself is setup using wifi.?

Hi Theresa.Your printer have ability to connect wirelessly, but in that case you have to have your own wireless home network.If you get internet connection from your ISP (Internet service provider)... Read More »

How do I set up WiFi on my printer?

you need to purchase a printer with wife built in otherwise it cost more to make it wifi even if its possible then to buy one, been through this before

How can I use the wifi on my computer from printer?

To use the WiFi of your printer, you would need to have another WiFi device like a wireless router or wireless computer to communicate wirelessly. For now, you'll have to connect with a USB cable t... Read More »