Getting water in Foxtel box?

Answer OH NO!!!!Sorry I can't help you with this one. Not going to risk giving advice on something I have no expertise in,I did answer your other question though,Best of luck with the box.

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Why would it take 10 minutes to run the water before I start getting hot water?

how far is your water heater to your farthest spigot? that makes alot of difference ......and also are the pipes and the water heater insulated need that if they are me if you c... Read More »

Free foxtel?

I do installs.So I do know that these days they have the boxes ridged up so tight that there is now other way around with out using a PC with a smart card righter (not cheep) or a smart box that cr... Read More »

How Foxtel iQ Works?

Foxtel iQ is a personal digital recorder introduced in 2005. It has a number of features that help navigate the pay TV services that Foxtel provides. Numerous follow-up models have been introduce... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot Foxtel iQ?

Foxtel iQ is a personal video recorder -- or PVR -- that uses a hard disk drive in order to record and play back television programming. You may have trouble receiving a signal, or your device may ... Read More »