Getting someone to stop a gross habit?

Answer You could ask your Mom to mark some bottles/cartons just for his own personal use. If she doesn't cooperate, you will just have to grin and bear it. I know this is gross to you but it likely won'... Read More »

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What is one bad habit you would like to stop?

I have many bad habits I would like to stop, but since the question only asks for one, I think I will choose gossip. It seems like everyone gossips, like it's a normal, healthy part of social inte... Read More »


It is a bad habit. Do something else to get relax. For example, if i need any relax, i will call my family member and talk for some moment. It gives me a great relax. So, try some alternative for g... Read More »

How to Stop Your Habit of Being on the TV too Long?

Lots of people have a problem to get off the TV. Read for some ideas you can use to help you.

How to Stop an Uncontrollable Eating Habit?

If you find yourself unable to control how much or how often you eat, you may have a food addiction. There may also be underlying medical or psychological explanations for your behavior. Because of... Read More »