Getting shocked by my pc via usb ports/lead?

Answer you have a big grounding issue, something is pumping power into the case which is making your USB slots electrified. i would suspect that your motherboard isnt correctly installed or some parts of ... Read More »

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Why is my wife getting shocked?

I agree with the others, I read ahead of answering this time. But also I just found out something recently. Some people, and I'm one of them, have a slightly different chemical balance than most ... Read More »

How to Replace the Capacitor in a TV Without Getting Shocked?

Electrolytic capacitors are essential to the operation of a power supply in a television or most other electronic devices. They filter out voltage ripples and spikes. When they eventually break dow... Read More »

How to Get out of a Car Without Getting Shocked by Static Electricity?

Do you embarrass yourself by yelping every time you exit a car? There are simple procedures for preventing static shocks.

I get these sharp pains in my neck sometimes almost feels like i'm getting shocked.?

You most likely have a pinched nerve in your C Spine area, Or maybe even a disc problem. Its hard to say without a MRI though, X Rays usually don't show things like this. Try icing the back of your... Read More »