Getting rid of headaches naturally?

Answer Homeopathic Treatments for HEADACHES, MIGRAINES :-HEADACHE :-With constant nausea; clean tongue Ipecac 30X, 3 hourly With severe throbbing and rush of blood towards head Belladonna 30X, 3 hourlyDue... Read More »

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What is wrong with me Ive been getting serious headaches for about two years now and they are getting worse!?

I think there is problem with eyes.May be you need glasses.The same thing happened to me.

I'm always getting headaches?

There could be many reasons. Stress, diet, hormones, tiredness, using your eyes too much, eyesight.Is there a particular time it happens? Certain foods I eat give me migraines.Get your eyes checked... Read More »

Why do I keep getting headaches?

Hi there! The headaches you are talking about could be migraines. Do you have a little lack of vision, or black spots in front of your eyes? If you exercise too much, that could be a problem. Also ... Read More »

Getting headaches from working?

Apparently this has become stressful to you. If stress is an intricate part of this scenario it can literally cause ill symptoms. Take a break from this and see what happens.