Getting really tired of this... Help!?

Answer It is not normal to have that much acne. Trust me, you are very short in vitamins and minerals, especially Vitamin A. Also, stop the sodas and sugar treats completely.Buy some good balanced Vit-... Read More »

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Im getting very tired of this!?

Courage, it sounds like a problem there. Things happen to me like that too. I wish i could help,but i would know where to start. Take care....

Im really tired this morning. nerd engery!?

Eat apples, oranges, yogurt, banana, almond, oatmeal, spinach and honey.Energy drinks aren't really good for you. You should drink milk instead.Take some multivitamins too like Vitamin C,B and E an... Read More »

Always tired & really worn out! Please help! :)?

There could be a number of causes: diet, routine, environment, etc., but truthfully how late are you staying up watching TV? You say that it doesn't matter how many hours of sleep you get, but not ... Read More »

I have been having really tired eyes lately, please help!?

If you haven't had an exam recently I would suggest an exam first. Yes being on the computer for a long time can mess up the eyes too. Try some eye drops---my doctor gave me a coule of small bottle... Read More »