Getting my period at school (Girls please!)?

Answer take it out of the wrapper before school, maybe keep a few in a ziploc or little makeup bag or something (keep them folded, just remove the wrappers). honestly, its no big deal, its only girls in t... Read More »

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Period help, girls, please?

Try to figure out tampons, you dont feel them at all. You period will be wierd for a while since you are just starting out, but gradually it will get more normal.

Period problem. Girls please help me!!?

Can you keep it in a pencil case or a binder? That's what I do. Or if you bring your own lunch, put it in your lunchbox. If nothing else works you could put it in your bra.

Missed period... GIRLS ONLY, please!?

Everything has a reason. It could possibly be how much you weigh, the way your lifestyle is. How you eat. How much stress your body is getting. Those all play a big factor in a womens menstrual cyc... Read More »

Period question...Girls please help!!!?

Well I got my period when I was nine. Don't know what my body was thinking! lol I didn't have boobs till about 17, they just began to hurt like crazy & I wound up with 38C from a 24A. I was like "D... Read More »